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Yercaud, located near the steel city, Salem in the Eastern Ghats is popularly known as a place to escape from the heat and the bustling city noises. Yercaud stands for Yeri and Kaadu which denotes that the entire town is full of lakes and forests. With the name itself, one can decide that there are various sightseeing places in Yercaud which would be loved by nature-lovers. One can fall in love with the climate, lush greenery, fresh air and top views there right from climbing the mountains but here are some of the handpicked Yercuad tourist places for you. Hope you definitely make a visit to all the below mentioned places when you visit Yercaud Cottages.


A must visit place when you come to Yercaud is Bear’s cave. It is located near Norton’s Bungalow which is situated on the way to the Servarayan Temple, commonly known as the Murugan Temple. It got the name Bears cave as the cave is believed to be the house of bears in the olden days. Though the cave is located in a private property, visitors are allowed to visit the cave as the owner is kind enough for the visitors. There is a history that the cave acted as a hideout for the famous ruler Tipu Sultan during the times of war. The gateway of the cave is about 7 feet below the actual ground level and the locals believe that the cave leads to the Servarayan Temple, which is one of the abodes of Lord Muruga. It is one of the best Yercaud Tourist spots for those who love to explore and learn about history. One cannot go deep into the cave as the way is blocked by fallen rocks and stones.


Though Yercaud is not as popular as Ooty and Kodaikanal, it has various ancient and natural forests which exist even to date. Attached Teak Forest is one among them. Everyone knows that Yercaud is known only for coffee plantations and bamboo forest but this Kottachedu Teak forest will be a surprise for the visitors making it one of the best Yercaud sightseeing places. If you are a nature photographer, trek lover, nature lover, person who loves long walks amidst the forest, Kottachedu Teak forest will never miss to satisfy you. It is located at a distance of 11 km from the town of Yercaud and is open for visitors 24/7 with no restrictions. One can capture photographs of various wildlife like bison, rabbits, anteaters, deer, foxes, mongoose, swallows, etc. Be aware before visiting the forests as the bison cross frequently.


The loop road is a must-visit Yercaud tourist spot for bike lovers, riders, mountain riders and floral lovers. It is a 32 km stretch road with almost 20 hairpin bends starting at the Yercaud lake and also ends at the same lake. One can better have a private vehicle, preferably a bike to take a ride in this road as the bus timings are not sure. Take the road to Shervaroyan Temple and once you reach the Y- intersection, take the left while the right is to the Servarayan Temple. The 32 km loop road takes you to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak. The entire road is sandwiched between the coffee plantations, Eucalyptus trees and Bamboo forests. Hence one can have a fantastic riding experience with the aroma of coffee and Eucalyptus. You can also find the lifestyle, food, culture and language of those residents to be new and fascinating.


Yercaud is known for various viewpoints as it has hills and mountains surrounded. One among the viewpoints is the Pagoda point or Pyramid Point, which is the highest peak in Yercaud, located at a distance of 5 kilometres east of the town of Yercaud. The Pagoda point is one of the quickest and easiest sightseeing places in Yercaud. It is open 24 hours and one can visit the Pagoda point via car or any private vehicle. The plains and the panoramic views of the Salem district is a visual treat for the visitors and a good background for your photographs. Cool breeze, floating clouds along with the sounds of birds and wind will please you stay at the viewpoint for a longer period of time. The place has a pile of stones arranged in the form of a pyramid by the local tribes and also a Rama temple located between the piles.


Emerald lake is a never to miss Yercaud tourist place. The Emerald Lake or Yercaud lake is situated in the centre of the town of Yercaud and there are various homestays in Yercaud available close to the lake. It is the only natural lake amongst all hill stations in South India. One can experience fun, adventure, recreational activities, silence, peace and almost everything which the town of Yercaud offers to you. One can reach in cab/auto from the Yercaud bus stand as it is located just at a distance of 1.5 km from the bus stand. There is a boathouse available and boating services like rowing boats and pedal boats are available at reasonable rates. One can also indulge in cycling activities around the lake. There are various eateries and shops available around the lake and one can go for a cool shopping of eateries and souvenirs. The lake is surrounded by various other Yercaud sightseeing places like deer park, rose garden, 32 km loop road, Orchidarium, etc. The timing for boating is strictly between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.